Friday, September 25, 2009

& they told me to never look back

Rule 1 : Stay Away and nobody gets hurt.

"i hate you",the letters appear one by one across the black screen like clockwork.I don't know what to make of this,it's 3 in the morning and i'm still rushing a business proposal thats due later for work.
"We shouldn't talk to each other anymore"
"And I mean it".All the words fit together perfectly like puzzle pieces put together for the first time.I was hoping there was no more to come,it was hurting as much as it could ever be.
"We can still text each other",more words had appeared on the screen in front of me.
What could I say?I couldn't argue with you,I wouldn't,it was already lost without a fight.
"okay." i typed out reluctantly.
"bye",the last words i would ever see.
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I wish it didn't have to come to this,but it did.I could have very well lied,but i chose not to.
"So much for thinking ahead "i thought to myself.
The very rule I had tried very hard to uphold was a lost cause.The very rule meant to protect everyone else was broken.I sat there,wondering this rule that had never really seemed to work.Perhaps I should have just stuck to the fort I had well fortified instead of lowering the bridge just a little bit.
I would have told you so much more,but my conscious told me better.You already had someone else.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Sad Duechebag.


Love knows no hate

Love knows no pain

Love knows no jealously

Love is Pure

Love Is Just

Love makes the world go round

Love eats us away,slowly buy surely

Lingering,hungry it feeds.

Love creates

Love destroys.

Yet,Love is great.


Love makes the whole world go.


p.s. Wrote it in 5 minutes.Idea came along while on KTM.therefore,i tagged it as pure-randomness.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

It was you.

You should read THIS first.

...I stood there,frozen like a statue,time had seemed to cease and the room in deep silence,reality had become surreal.Everything felt as if it fell right into place just as fate found destiny.I shifted my weight from foot to foot as I stood there nervous,heart pounding as fast as ever.I stood there watching you twirl your hair with your fingers anxious at whether I would make the first move.And I did,I manned up and slowly paced my steps towards her.The teak flooring creaked under my pressure.As I slowly crept forward,she giggled.
She was wearing a black sweat top over her outfit which didn’t help hide her physique,her hair flowing over her shoulders and onto her chest.She wasn’t wearing any jewelry nor any make-up but eye-liner,even so she looked as stunning as ever.
With every step closer, infinite number of scenarios ran through my mind ranging from great to disastrous. Of course the worst case scenario would be me embarrassing myself in front of her and the attraction that I thought was mutual was instead just me,afterall it takes two to tango they say.The best of course was,well,I’ll leave it to that.At the same time,I ran many scenarios in my head as how to approach the situation and my options ultimately boiled down to what I thought was best .
The best and most possible approach would be the classic “hi” or “hi there” with the casual hand shake or the more risky approach of “hello stranger” in a seducing manner with more physical contact.I couldn’t help but also think about the more random and inappropriate approaches of which was “hi,I think you’re very sexy..yum” and “grr,you so fine I’ll put honey all over you and eat you up.nom nom nom nom”
The random thoughts triggered a chuckle, however no audible than a needle hit the floor and unconsciously a small grin followed.I had gone ahead with the riskier approached and had figured out just what I wanted to do. I stood less than a feet before you and I could smell the fragrance of your hair.You looked at me wearily with those hazel eyes,at this distance I could make out the hints of bluish and yellowish streaks in your eyes and realized how breathtaking they were.
As I was about to open my mouth, I was interrupted by her.
“So…what were you grinning about?” she asked in a very cheeky voice.

To be continued...