Thursday, December 17, 2009

They told me.I didn't Listen & now I drown in my own mistakes.

Sometimes i wish i could post more personal things on a blog,but then again it's so public that isn't possible.

On a totally random note,i realize my life can be turn into those movies minus the happy ever after ending.haha


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Once Upon a time

I once knew a girl
She told me the times would stay the same
She said we'd never change
We got older
I should've known
She left & I stayed
Soon there was only I
I felt colder when I walk Alone
The silence wasn't that bad
until I look at my hand and feel sad
cause the spaces between my fingers
were where hers fit perfectly
I go to that tree we'd watch the sky turn light-blue
to see the vanilla twilight
But it isn't the same without her
I'd make her a postcard
To show her that time hadn't change
cause I wish she were here with me
But that was me and her
it's just me
cause she lied
when she said we wouldn't change
we grew older
and i should've known
we'd change
Once upon indeed

Stupid xanga wouldn't let me sign in.And urhm,yeah.

p.s. this is 50% original