Sunday, June 20, 2010


Do you know that word?
You probably would,wouldn't you?

What happens when you have a sudden craving at 12am.A sudden craving for a drink so good,it'll blow your mind to oblivion.

What do you do? Where do you go.

Well,you go to Tesco at 12am and it's open.You walk around looking for your heavenly drink for 5 minutes.You walk up and down to soft drink isle looking for that very drink that will make you wish life tasted so good.

And you don't see it,you walk around the whole Tesco looking for the fridges and to your dismay there isn't anything but the good ol' black stuff.Then you remember you saw a create of that very same drink you're looking for lying in that very soft drink isle.

You take a brisk walk and notice it unopen.You see a staff and and demand,with a face so serious he'd think you'd kill him if he didn't, that he open it and give you 2 bottles.

And thats what I did when I had a sudden craving at 12 am.
by the way,that drink is mountain dew.