Sunday, January 24, 2010

The test of Time.

Yes,i know i neglect my blogs too much.It's because of Sam!We're not really on good terms nowadays.sigh.

Pictures are not going to be in chronological order.I don't really think i'm that good taking pictures of people,so pleaseeeee go easy on me.haha.
Oh,and just so you know,Sam was kinda being a bitch that day.You'll see why.


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Some Fresh Perspective.

Let me tell you a story,true or not,thats up to you to decide.

It began ,in the not too distant future,not so far from now.It was like every day,get back from Uni,take a shower,eat,assignments and sleep.This became some sort of a routine,waking up to no expections,no anomalies. Being happy was one thing,being genuinely happy was another,back in Uni,everyone had a smile as if life was good.

Life wasn't good,it was bearable,everyone has tutorials,test,exams,quizzes,classes,assignments and between that balancing social life and the whats.Everyone had problems,and all of them dealt with their problems differently,there were those than smoked either some fags or joints,some exercised,some played computer games,some took out their frustration breaking stuff and there were of course those whom would self inflict pain to get away from it all.There also those who would just run,for how long,no one knew.

i give up,don't feel like writing anymore


Friday, January 8, 2010

I don't want to Forget.

Tonight was like every other night,wishing I'd see you in my dreams.Your appearances in my dreams always gave me a sense of belonging when I awoke.Every other night,I'd think of you for 30 seconds or so,i was told it helps to dream of a particular thing.Tonight however,I gave up trying because every other time I tried I never did dream of you.

You came by the house,you never did unless it was of great importance.I invited you in,still puzzled by your impromptu visit. "I'm leaving for Singapore" there was a slight pause "and not coming back".We talked for a very long time and you told me you had to leave.Your 2 friends were waiting for you,I didn't recognized them but you told me they were going to go to Singapore with you.You had an letter envelop in your hand,it was the kind we used when we wrote to each other.I didn't question it's contents neither did I ask about it's existence.You were reluctant to leave,your friends probably knew the better half of your visit. "Look,you can stay a few days at his place,we'll cover for you.Promise you'll me fine" and she did and gratefully hugged them goodbye.You stayed a few days until you finally had to go.I hugged you goodbye,it didn't feel like forever,it didn't feel brief either.This time round,I didn't notice the envelop.As soon as you left,I searched high and low but ended in dismay.

A tangle of confusion,thats the last thing I remember.I didn't know how to find you,didn't know how to contact you.Who were those 2 friends?I had so many questions,questions remained to be unanswered for the rest of my life.

I didn't want to forget,I tried hard to remember throughout the day trying hard to hold on to every inch of detail.I didn't realize how hard it was to write this one until I really did,but i tried to but in words as best as I could.I blame the fact that I am having writers block but desperate to write this before my mind gets the better of me.come to think of it,my dreams were nearly always about you.Funny isn't it?